Welcome to SANJI GROUP line
S. M. Jahangir Alam (Manik)


M.D’s Message

At the very outset, let me take the opportunity to offer my heartfelt congratulations & felicitations to all of our clients, patrons, business partners, friends and well-wishers.

A continuous hardship journey since 1993 onward, by the grace of Almighty Allah and phase of momentum & sense of realism, this Group becomes one of the fast & speedy growing Group of Companies in Bangladesh working since couple of years contributing her all out efforts for the                    social & economical development of the country. We have 05 conglomerates so far working under umbrella of this group. It is very much fabulous & remarkable to recall that all over Bangladesh territory this group has set up lot of CNG Conversion & Refueling Stations. As a matter of fact, this group is the pathfinder in CNG sector and became the member of “Bangladesh CNG Filling Station & Conversion Workshop Owners Association.” In addition to CNG business; we are sincerely engaged in modern building constructions, different types of tube manufacture, and other international trading business also.

To touch the sky is infinite, but our expectation is within the range of our limit. Meanwhile, our imagination flies beyond usual barrier, but we feel proud to share with our beloved motherland and its people. So, obviously we the Sanji Group dream to serve our native land in the greater way for national uplift & build up.

To an honest traveler, the way of destination will never be too longer. Again, we trust on “progress in diversity and service through entrepreneur”. With this endeavor, we always keep in mind that the ongoing achievement during this period of journey could not be possible without our valuable customer’s expression of loyalty & confidence on us regarding quality & quantity of our products.
The Company is getting immensely benefitted in its operation with the vast experience of Management and highly knowledgeable Professional Staff. Because, we sincerely maintain a bridge in between Management, Staff and Worker to motivate them to work hard with dignity so as to get maximum output & best quality product. Our cutting edge precision leads to greater public utility and hygiene, with a great care for the environment and human inhabitation. It is the best component that gives our Organization the integrity upon our reputation that is earned during this tenur and we zealously guard it every day. This cumulative strength of knowledge, experience & professionalism is required very much for finding out new solutions for the manifold problems of fast changing economic, cultural, ecological and technological situation.
The Group is determined to contribute our country, a Clean & Green, pollution free Bangladesh for next generation, which will be full of entertaining & charming to introduce a new era towards business arena all over the world. Our philosophy is to create & manage new employment opportunities and fulfill unlimited target to develop the socio-economic condition of the country. Our prime aim is to make the Company a professional enterprise and not merely a commercial house. Our objective is to make profit, develop better business practices, expand into other industries and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. I am sure that all of your continuous support for achieving the mission of “Sanji Group” and faith in the capability will accelerate our goal towards building a new nation. We would like to assure you with our continuous service & solidarity in your esteem organization for all time to come.
Once again, I congratulate you all for such accomplishment and warm wishes for the future.
Allah Hafez.


S. M. Jahangir Alam (Manik)
Managing Director
Sanji Group.